About Us

Duncan’s Landscaping and Property Development located in Piat, Grand Rivere is owned and operated by Mr. Benjamin Duncan. A love for landscaping and a strong belief that unemployment is the scourge of the St. Lucian society inspired Mr. Duncan to form his company over 1year and 11 months ago. Over the past year and eleven months Duncan’s Landscaping has undergone some upgrades which allow us to boast the largest tractor lawnmower in Saint Lucia. Research is currently underway to further upgrade our service by adding to our stock of landscaping equipment which currently includes; leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, weed eaters, wheel barrows, garden forks and spades, tractor mowers, a pick up van and a small dump truck.

We currently have 3 full time staff in the persons of;
Mr. Jacob Simon- Hedge designer and pruner
Mr. Elisha James- Lawn maintenance
Mickey Djerel- Lawn maintenance

In addition to our 3 full time personnel, we also have 6 part time employees, who assist the company when there is a heavier than average workload. We are extremely happy that we are able to provide employment as this is in line with or mission statement of;“Beautifying Saint Lucia one property at a time while lowering the bar of unemployment.”

Our corporate goals are to continually grow and provide employment to the citizens of Saint Lucia and eventually become Duncan’s Group Of Companies.

Currently, Duncan’s Landscaping holds several maintenance contracts with several agencies throughout Saint Lucia. We are also the holder of a license issued by the Ministry Of Forestry which permits us to operate as a tree cutting and tree trimming service.
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